Graduation Portfolio
This is my graduation portfolio from the University of North Texas Communication Design Program. Every student is required to produce a physical book to show their best work from their courses. I chose to have the book Wire-O bound so as to allow for easy replacement of pages so projects can be updated and changed easily. We were also required to produce a copy of this book for the University to keep in their records, each copy of the book cost me $113.505 to produce including ink, paper and other supplies.

Each case study is prefaced by an informational spread that describes in detail the parameters of the project, the concept underlying the design, the details that complete the whole, and other assorted facts concerning the project and the design.

I am very analytical by nature, therefore I choose a grid structure that can bring order to the complex amount of detail in each project. On many of the projects I have worked on I have kept up time sheets of the amount of hours worked on each aspect of the project. Information graphics were used to visually communicate design choices and inspiration, which helps to show where each design decision originated from. Photography is shot in two ways, first the project is shot in its entirety, allowing for a general understanding of the project with a big picture approach. Second, detail photos allow the viewer to gain a more nuanced understanding of my work and to ascertain small details on a microscopic level.

Winner of the Jump Start Scholarship from the DSVC 6th Annual National Student Show.

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